Operational site

The historic site in Asti has recently undergone a major refurbishment. Currently, the production site has 3 bottling lines: one dedicated to the production of Vermouth,  and Aromatised Wines, one for the production of Sparkling Wines and one dedicated for small niche productions with an overall bottling capacity that exceeds 100,000 bottles per day. Between the sparkling wine and vermouth cellars, Perlino manages over 130,000 hl every year.


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In 2018, a new warehouse of 3,000 square metres was built, with a storage capacity of over 4,000 pallets and equipped with an effective and modern temperature control system, in order to continually offer an ideal environment for product storage.
Another warehouse of the same size was opened in 2022.


Perlino is committed to quality and has proudly attained, for many years, highly regarded certificates from accredited bodies such as the IFS, BRCThe portfolio is enriched by the BIOLOGICAL certification.


Signing our company code of ethics and quality policy also ensures a correct response to the codes of conduct requested by our customers.