Other Brands

Perlino has continued over time the wine-growing tradition of historic Piedmont wine cellars, with the purchase of leading local companies such as Filipetti, Scanavino and Casa Martelletti. Today, these brands have contributed towards the Perlino international growth.

FILIPETTI, a House founded in 1922 by Giovanni Giuseppe Filipetti, a great enologist from Piedmont. Purchased by Perlino in the 1990s, today it continues to strengthen its presence in the world, with a range of high quality Sparkling Wines and Vermouth. Alongside the main Italian sparkling wines of excellence, is the historic Vermouth, the Italian aperitif produced according to age-old traditional recipes. Discover more at: www.filipetti.it

SCANAVINO, a family-run business founded in the 1920s between Langhe and Roero, today offers a wide and qualified range of Piedmont wines and sparkling wines. Perlino, with its experience and ability, continues the production of these quality wines and sparkling wines with the deepest respect for their origin and tradition. Visit www.scanavinowines.com

CASA MARTELLETTI evokes the wine cellars bearing the same name built in the 1970s in the village of Montiglio Monferrato, a spectacular hamlet located a few miles north of Asti, where in the Casa Martelletti pharmacy an extraordinary vermouth recipe was created in the early XIX century. The Casa Martelletti Selection represents the various souls of Piedmontese origin, a symbol of tradition and, at the same time, a challenge to innovation. For more information visit www.casamartelletti.it